Inikoo ERP

Nowadays if you want to run a business competitively it is essential to have certain tools at your disposal:

A customer database, a system for processing orders, a stock control system, reporting tools for meeting your tax obligations etc.

Or even better: A system that will also give you information on which customers are more likely to buy a certain product, which product lines are more profitable or when certain products need restocking. The more you know about your customers, products and stock numbers the more success your business will have.

We have created a system that can get the best out of your business while at the same time simplifying the relevant processes to give you the insight and information you need to compete.


Inikoo EPR consists in several independient components that can used as standalone applications, but we really think the the beauty of this system is the integration between them, simplifying your work flow and proving you with essencial cross over information.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your customer database, all the information about your customers and contacts are there.


Order Processing

Form when the order is created until is invoiced and dispached, all your delivery notes, orders are there


Products Database

Categorised database of your products and services, essential to have an insight of which product lines are more profitable.